On September 4, 2010, Jim Hamilton taught a seminar at Graham Bible Church entitled, “The Gospel in Genesis 3:15.” The audio from that seminar has been posted, and is now available for you to listen or download. You will find the links below.

Jim serves as the pastor of Kenwood Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky, where he also is associate professor of biblical theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Previously, Jim ministered in Houston, Texas, as pastor of Baptist Church of the Redeemer and as assistant professor of biblical studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s extension campus. He’s written two books, God’s Indwelling Presence: The Ministry of the Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testaments and God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment, which will be published in November. You can follow Jim online at www.jimhamilton.info.


Session 1: The Skull-Crushing Seed of the Woman: God’s Promise in the Fall
Session 2: The Conquering Christ: The Son who Defeats Sin, Satan, and Death
Session 3: The Dragon’s War on the Woman and the Rest of Her Seed: The Church’s Encouragement in the Gospel