On May 21, 2011 GBC hosted a seminar with Jonathan Leeman, who discussed the role of the God’s Word in the life of the church. The video recordings from the seminar are posted here to watch, or if you would rather simply listen to (or download) the .mp3s, they are located below.

Jonathan is a member at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC, the director of communications for 9Marks and editor of its eJournal, and the author of Reverberation, a book that examines the role of the Word in the life of the church.


The Power of God’s Word.

The Preaching of God’s Word.

The Content of God’s Word.

The Reverberation of God’s Word.


To listen to the audio, without watching the video, simply click on the links below.

Session 1: The Power of God’s Word
Session 2: The Preaching of God’s Word
Session 3: The Content of God’s Word
Session 4: The Reverberation of God’s Word